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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ChopGurus the best chopsticks money can buy?

We’re so glad you asked! ChopGuru chopsticks are made of 100% FDA-grade silicone, which means they’re BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. It also means they’re temperature resistant (no more metal chopsticks burning your mouth!) and pick up food very easily. Many other resuable chopsticks are slippery – not ours, though. ChopGurus have ribbed grips that do wonders when trying to pick up a difficult morsel. They’re also durable and super easy to clean – just throw them the dishwasher or rinse them off with dish soap and hot water.

Are ChopGurus dishwasher safe?

Absolutely! They’re also microwave, oven, freezer, and fridge safe, in case you like to like to do some really unorthodox things with your chopsticks..

How should I take care of my ChopGurus?

We recommend washing your chopsticks before using them for the first time (either in the dishwasher or hand-washing with soap and hot water). Do not scrub them with an abrasive sponge or cleaner, as this may damage them over time. And that’s really it – these suckers are seriously durable!

Are ChopGurus odorless?

Yes. Though your chopsticks may arrive with a “factory fresh” smell, this will be eliminated after you hand wash them with warm water and soap or put them in the dishwasher.

Are they tasteless?

Yup, completely tasteless.

Are they standard length?

Yes, they are 9 inches long, which is fairly standard chopstick length.

Are the chopsticks round or square?

They’re square at the top (where you hold them) and round at the bottom.

Are they solid or hollow?

Solid. The core (which you can’t see) is stainless steel, and it’s coated with 100% pure food grade silicone.

Could you use them for cooking?

You could, but we wouldn’t recommend it because they aren’t very long. They’re primarily designed to be eating chopsticks.

Do they come with a carrying case?

No, they arrive wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. We recommend storing them either with your other utensils or tips up in an open container.